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Carla Orozco is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Switzerland. She draws inspiration from a lifelong interest in human anatomy, the female body, women's right, animals and plants. Her work explores the relationship between human shapes and nature, and features prominent colors. She also convey messages about feminism, human rights, genders, racism and positive thinking.
Born in Peru, Carla moved to Switzerland with her family when she was four. As a child, she began drawing almost as soon as she first held a pencil. Her mother once said that she was “drawing absolutely everywhere in the house, even on the window frames.” 
As a young adult, administrative jobs and business school drew her away from art for a time. When she moved to London in 2011, she began drawing again, which led to her interest in digital art. While living in one of the most artistic cities in the world, she took advantage of life-drawing classes to deepen her understanding of the intricate curves and lines that make the human body a work of art.
Carla began studying graphic design in 2017. She currently works as a graphic designer for a foodtech company and at the same time as a freelancer.
Follow Carla’s artistic journey on Instagram and Behance
To support her artwork, visit her online shop. You can also find her pieces at Noir Gallery in New York City
What I do
Graphic Design : art direction • branding & identity • logo conception • web design UI • visual content creator • brochure and magazine design • packaging 
Illustration : editorial Illustration • live drawing • product pattern illustration • digital art • podcast art cover • book cover
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